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Ginger Joe Joes Creme Sandwich Cookies

We love all flavors of the Joe Joe's and these are one of the best (next to the Candy Cane, of course.) The taste is definitely GINGERY -- the box says 3 kinds of ginger -- crystallized ginger, ...

Chocolate Covered Butter Biscuits

"What could be better than all butter biscuits? Little. But all butter biscuits enrobed in rich, creamy milk or dark chocolate – well… they may be a bit better… if you like chocolate. And we do. Our C ...

Green Curry Infused Rice

Delicious, spicy curry rice ready in minutes! It's got some red and green peppers in it. Terrific with shrimp for a quick meal.

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Rustic Apple Tarte

This beautiful open-faced sweet apple tart is sheer heaven warmed in the oven and topped with a dollop of Trader Joe's vanilla ice cream. In addition to the expected apples, sugar and cinnamon, you wi ...

Coffee Mochi

Non-dairy crowd rejoice! Trader Joe's Thai based mochi maker ("moe-chee") is now making this delicious traditional rice wrapped, coconut milk-based coffee ice cream covered in mocha sauce. Just 60 cal ...

Peanut Brittle

"Crunchy, sweet, salty, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness – there are good reasons this peanut-packed candy has prevailed in delighting palates since the 1800s. We know you love it… because you tell us ...

Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treats

I love the box, my dog loves the treats! What a fun, health fall and holiday treat for the pooch. They are corn and soy free with real pumpkin. These are seasonal however, so grab an (adorable!) box o ...

Creamy Polenta with Spinach and Carrots

From the Fearless Flyer: "We love polenta as much for its versatility as we do for its sweet corn flavor. You can sauté it, you can grill it, you can prepare it a la Parmigiana… you could even make an ...

Jumbo Seedless Black Raisins

Do not miss these HUGE and SWEET raisins! The kids will go crazy over these for snacks and they make killer muffins or cereal toppers. $3.49 for a 1 lb bag.

Head to Toe Balm

This handy balm is the ultimate travel moisturizer. It won't run or drip and is a jack of all trades -- use it on anything from dry cuticles to elbows. Goodbye chapped lips! You can even use a tiny da ...

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Fage Cherry Pomegranate Greek Yogurt

This is our favorite flavor! Fage strained greek yogurt is so delicious and healthy! Although we also like Chobani and oikos greek yogurt, this is our favorite of yogurt brands. Wish we could have fag ...

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Trader Joe's Magic Beans

Milk chocolate covered nougat beans! Only TJ's could have thought this up and named it so -- I would definitely trade a cow for 3 of these. $3.99 for a 7.7 ounce bag.

Cranberry Gingerbread Granola

It's a cold cereal. It's a hot cereal. It's a snack. It's a terrific breadcrumb replacement for a Hansel & Gretel-like journey through the forest. It's Trader Joe's Cranberry Gingerbread Granola, and ...

Harvest Gorgonzola Tarte

Love all the Trader Joe's Tarts Aux Deliciousness. Like it's brethren Tarte aux Champignons or Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates, this savory, buttery pizza like disc is totally scrumptious. Crème fraîche, ...

All Natural Brined Fresh Young Turkeys

These fine, fresh birds come from farms in the US and are absolutely all natural, no antibiotics and fed on a vegetarian diet. Brined means soaked in a sweet-savory brine (Glatt birds are soaked and s ...

McIntosh Apple Juice

100% juice made from fresh pressed McIntosh apples, this is a nice break from regular 'ol apple juice for the kids, and the entire family. It's $2.99 for 64 fluid ounces.

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Ah Fudge Nuts Picky Bars

What's so great about these bars? Well they're fudgy and nutty and absolutely delicious. But wait, they are also made with ingredients you can actually pronounce featuring a single origin, organic, no ...

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Childrens Chewable Vitamins

The kids love these Flintstone's like chewable vitamins from Trader Joe's and I love picking them up from TJs where they are also cheaper than name brands. They are gluten free and come 100 to a cute ...

Rustic Peach Galette

1 TJ's Gourmet Pie Crust, defrost through step one of package directions 4 TJ's Peaches, cut into chunks 1/2 cup TJ's Dark Brown Sugar 1/2 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon 1/3 stick TJ's Unsalted Butter, ...

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