Trader Joe's Fan - Trader Joes Halloween Favorites



For some Halloween fun, check out these special seasonal Trader Joe's products.

Halloween Joe Joe Cookies

We love them in any flavor and eagerly await the seasonal varieties. This one does not disappoint. Naturally flavored, cute little chocolaty pumpkin faces, filled with vanilla bean cream with a tint of orange -- adorable, no? And so tasty.

Ghosts & Bats Crispy Potato Snacks

Kinda like potato chips but so much more fun. These cute shapes are gluten free and absolutely snackalicious! Think how delighted your kid would be finding a baggie of these in their lunchbox or put them out at your halloween party. 

Scary Sugar Cookies

Boo. You'll be scared that you will eat them all in one sitting, they are that good. The fun frosted shapes will delight one and all. 

Trader Joe's Mini Pumpkins

$.69 people! Decorate to your hearts content and make every room in your home festive. Nothing harkens the coming of Halloween more than pumpkins.

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