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sesame_crepe_sm.jpgCrunchy, Nutty, Chewy • 99¢ • 7 oz. (2 Crêpes)
These “flat cakes” are made in small batches with rice flour, sugar cane, finely ground peanuts and cashews, kettle cooked for an hour to produce the perfect dough. The dough is poured directly onto freshly toasted sesame seeds and flattened gently by hand. Sweet, crunchy, chewy - a delicious snack as is, but there also the perfect shape, size, texture and taste to take on some culinary creativity. For example:


“Flat Cake” Concepts

sesame1.jpgTear apart and dig right in - this snack is sweet, seedy sensation with texture that tickles your fingertips.
• Spread with Peanut Butter (or Sunflower Butter), then top with sliced Bananas and Whipped Cream.
• Spread with Marscapone Cheese and top with fresh seasonal Berries.

The Sesame Crêpes Are On A Roll
sesame2.jpgSpread with honey cream cheese [8 oz of Cream Cheese: 2 Tbsp of Honey] & roll.
• Sprinkle with Chocolate Chips, heat for 10 seconds in the microwave; roll (or fold)... the light crunch of chocolate, nutty goodness.
• Sweet Savory Sesame Taco: layer with large Romaine Lettuce leaf or Shredded Cabbage and Bool Kogi Beef or BBQ Pulled Pork.

Chip It! Sweet, Seedy, Chewy Chips
sesame3.jpgHow to Chip a Crêpe: Take it into your own hands, use a pizza cutter, slice it with a sharp knife...
• Toast briefly in the oven and dip in melted Chocolate, Honey or freshly Whipped cream.
• Warm in the oven and serve alongside French Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Midnight Moo & Tart Cherries.
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